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Title: Analyzing peer selection policies for bittorrent multimedia on-demand streaming systems in internet
Authors: Rodrigues, Carlo Kleber da Silva
Abstract: The adaptation of the BitTorrent protocol to multimedia on-demand streaming systems essentially lies on the modification of its two core algorithms, namely the piece and the peer selection policies, respectively. Much more attention has though been given to the piece selection policy. Within this context, this article proposes three novel peer selection policies for the design of BitTorrent-like protocols targeted at that type of systems: Select Balanced Neighbour Policy (SBNP), Select Regular Neighbour Policy (SRNP), and Select Optimistic Neighbour Policy (SONP). These proposals are validated through a competitive analysis based on simulations which encompass a variety of multimedia scenarios, defined in function of important characterization parameters such as content type, content size, and client´s interactivity profile. Service time, number of clients served and efficiency retrieving coefficient are the performance metrics assessed in the analysis. The final results mainly show that the novel proposals constitute scalable solutions that may be considered for real project designs. Lastly, future work is included in the conclusion of this paper.
Keywords: BitTorrent
Peer selection
Issue Date: Jan-2014
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