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Title: New models of inclusive innovation in emerging markets: the Brazilian experience
Authors: Silva, Marisalvo da
Abstract: Innovation is a mantra in contemporary society that has been increasingly called upon, including in Brazil, as a mechanism for the remission of the economic afflictions of companies, regions and nations. Inclusive innovation is a relatively new theme on the international scene and has received increasing amounts of attention in the debate and scope of cooperation among groups and organizations. Inclusive innovation is the means by which new goods and services are developed for and/or by the billions living on the lowest incomes. This project involves the analysis of cases that could be considered exploratory since they seek to increase understanding of the phenomenon studied. This study presents three successful approaches to reach low-income groups: Microcredit, Regional Sustainable Development Strategy, and Banking and Fluvial Correspondents. The study was conducted based on secondary data obtained from documented research and descriptive case study analyses, while observing the recommendations presented by Yin (2005). In the context of the theme of sustainable development, this study contributes to increase understanding of the characteristics of the inclusive innovations and strategies used to offer financial products and services that seek to provide financial inclusion to the population and the sustainable growth of people, organizations and the country.
Keywords: Inclusive innovation
Citation: SILVA, Marisalvo da. New models of inclusive innovation in emerging markets: the Brazilian experience. In: simpósio de administração da produção, logitica e operações internacionais, 19., 2016, São Paulo. Anais eletrônicos... São Paulo: FGV EAE, 2016. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 05 dez. 2016.
Issue Date: 23-Aug-2016
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