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Title: Governance for megadiversity: (Brazil/Australia)
Authors: Leuzinger, Márcia Dieguez (org.)
Santana, Paulo Campanha (org.)
Souza, Lorene Raquel de (org.)
Martin, Paul (org.)
Abstract: In 2017, 15 members from the Researches Groups in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development from Brasília University Centre – UniCEUB and Mackenzie Presbiterian University attended a workshop with researchers from different Australian universities that took place in 3 different Australian towns: Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Armidale. The workshop named Governance for Megadiversity was organized by Professor Paul Martin, Director of the Australian Centre for Agriculture and Law in the School of Law at the University of New England and the main objective was to discuss biodiversity governance issues in both countries. To participate in the event, researchers had to submit a summary of approximately 5 pages, containing a summary of their research that would be presented in one of the sessions of the workshop and then discussed by the group. Thus, this book presents these summaries, already reviewed by the authors, which make a contribution in terms of the beginning of the debate on biodiversity governance in both countries, Australia and Brazil. After the Congress, the authors started doing joint research, forming groups containing Brazilian and Australian researchers, that are now developing scientific papers about common issues in Biodiversity governance that will be published in another book. The idea of this publication is not, therefore, the deepening of the issues raised in the congress, but only its presentation to the public, with the news that several of these themes will be, in more depth and following the scientific method, addressed in its own publication. There are two parts in this book, one with the Australian and other with Brazilian researchers. The ideas in the drafts can be used for future papers or master or PhD researches.
Keywords: Relações Internacionais
Citation: LEUZINGER, Márcia Dieguez et al. (org.). Governance for megadiversity: (Brazil/Australia). Brasília: UniCEUB, 2019.
Issue Date: 2019
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