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Title: Antibody-cytokeratin marker 34βe12 In prostate cancer detection
Authors: Souza, Luiz Carlos de Araújo
Cunha, Vincíius Carvalhêd
Cavalcanti, Hugo Oliveira de Figueiredo
Alves, João Ricardo
Coutinho, Sandra Lúcia Branco Mendes
Abstract: The histological diagnosis of prostate cancer is commonly based on morphological patterns. The presence of malignant tissue mixed with benign tissue, or the presence of carcinoma that mimics benignity may generate difficulty in the diagnostic elucidation. Therefore, the application of immunohistochemistry contributes its diagnostic value. Objectives: To evaluate the 34βE12 marker in the detection of adenocarcinoma (ADn), atypical small acinar proliferation (ASAp), regular prostatic tissue (RPT) and regular prostatic tissue alternated by atrophy spotlights (RPTa) in transrectal biopsy guided by ultrasonography of patients with suspected prostate cancer. Method: Analysis of 34 patients who underwent ultrasound-guided transrectal biopsy with subsequent analysis by H&E staining and 34βE12 labeling for elucidation of neoplasms or diseased tissues with doubtful diagnosis. Results: The marker 34βE12 showed negativity in 100% of the neoplasms ADn, positivity in 100% of the benign prostatic tissues (RPT and RPTa); the patients with ASAp presented positivity (20%) and negativity (80%). The chi-square test (χ)² showed that there is an association (χ ²= 29.55 and p < 0.0001) between the groups, that is, the 34βE12 marker has a significant value (p < 0.0001) in the elucidation of patients with prostatic neoplasia and benign prostatic tissues. Discussion and Conclusion: With the early screening of prostate cancer in the modern era, pathologists have become increasingly challenged to diagnose small outbreaks of cancer when only a few atypical glands are present in transrectal biopsy-guided ultrasonography. The 34βE12 marker becomes an important tool in elucidating diagnoses such as ADn and ASAp.
Keywords: Antibody-cytokeratin marker 34βE1
adenocarcinoma (ADn
atypical small acinar proliferation (ASAp)
regular prostatic tissue (RPT)
regular prostatic tissue alternated by atrophy spotlights (RPTa)
Publisher: UniCEUB
Issue Date: 2019
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