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Title: Discurso do negro sambista: a construção de uma identidade
Authors: Pereira, Geane Gomes
Abstract: The general objective of this work is to demonstrate that blacks identity at the samba song letters Identity is written by linguistic recourses used by Jorge Aragão and brings to the surface the ideology implicit in its lexical choice. Specifc objectives are: points out the linguistical recourses used by the author to characterize blacks identity at the samba song Identity; and to show the possibility of discoursive change of blacks identity in Brazilian society through ideological configuration of the samba song Identity. The methodology of this research is ethnographical — once it analyses the identity building of one of the human races — with bibliografical research and theoretical fundaments. The data — linguistical marks of identity — were collected by indirect documentation at the music letters Identity , from Jorge Aragão, selected as the text that forms the corpus of this research. The theoretical methodological framework is made, therefore, by discourse theoreticians texts reading, by samba songs hearing, collecting, reading and consideration of other texts related to the chosen theme. The analysis of the words “almost”, “example”, “dignity”, “black with white soul” among others, was useful to show blacks ideological position in society: the dominated social group. The disadvantageous condition blacks have lived causes a fragmented, disrespectful, depreciating identity building, stained by a slavish past. Aragão proposes a discoursive change and indicates the possibility of blacks conquer other condition besides the oppressed one. The analysis was based on the theory of Ideology, proposed by Thompson (1995), and Fairclough (2001); of Critical Discourse Analysis, proposed by Brandão (2004), Orlandi (1996, 2001, 2005). The concept of identity is treated according to Hall (2000) and Fairclough (2001). This work follows rules of objectivity, clearness and briefness, although concerned to language it is not always possible. The research was made following these steps: theoretical texts reading and meditation over them, theoretical fundaments chapter writing; seeking, selecting and analysis of the text that form the corpus; analysis of lexical choice, characterization of Brazilian blacks identity(ies), identification of the ideology(ies) the text presents, observation of discursive change proposed by the author, analysis of these data, according to theoretical fundaments, and conclusion of the research.
Keywords: Samba song discourse
Blacks identity
Citation: PEREIRA, Geane Gomes. Discurso do negro sambista: a construção de uma identidade. 2006. 69 f. Monografia (Pós-Graduação) - Instituto CEUB de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento - Centro de Especialização, Aperfeiçoamento e Extensão, Brasília, 2006
Issue Date: Oct-2006
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