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Title: Integrated environmental assessment of Hemocentro Ceara (Blood Center): sustainability and space quality guidelines
Authors: Cantuaria, Gustavo A. C.
Romero, Marta A. B.
Lima, Ana C. C. C.
Nemer, Aline C. C.
Abstract: The inclusion of sustainability and humanization in Health Care Facilities is critical for the welfare of staff and users. These elements are part of rehabilitation programs undertaken by the Ministry of Health of the Brazilian Federal Government, in partnership with the University of Brasilia, developed by the Laboratory for Applied Sustainability to Architecture and Urbanism, LaSUS, for the network of blood centers in Brazil. In this sense, this article discusses the presentation of the methods used in integrated environmental assessment of the building from the Blood Center of Ceará (HemoCE) to improve environmental quality and energy use of the building. Results obtained confirm the validity of these integration methods in the construction of guidelines for the rehabilitation design of the building, in order to enhance environmental quality and humanization of space. Finally, through the guidelines identified for the HemoCE building, intervention solutions were proposed for specific areas, according to its peculiarities, as well as for the building as a whole, based on sustainability and humanization.
Citation: CANTUARIA, Gustavo A. C. et al. Integrated Environmental Assessment of Hemocentro Ceara (Blood Center): Sustainability and Space Quality Guidelines. In: INTERNATIONAL PLEA CONFERENCE, 30., 2014, Ahmedabad. Proceedings... Ahmedabad: CARBSE, 2014. v. 4. p. 29-31.
Issue Date: 18-Dec-2014
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